Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Royal Society’s Chief Called to Resign over Fluoridation | Scoop News

Royal Society’s Chief Called to Resign over Fluoridation | Scoop News:
“Any scientist with any knowledge of the fluoridation issue would know this. There is a saying: ‘when a scientist abuses his position in society of trust and authority to mislead the public, he does not become a dishonest scientist – he simply ceases to be a scientist. This blind repetition of propaganda shows that Professor Skegg has ceased to be a scientist”, concludes Mr Atkin.  Read more at
Toxic chemicals in water is a world wide problem, often with government overly contracted to corporate and pharmaceutical special interests.

Part of the problem stems from Sovereign Immunity which exempts governing bodies and their agent
s from accountability.

Vaccine manufacturers are covered under laws with exempt them from accountability even though the vaccine may have caused permanent injury, disability and death.

One solution is to remove Sovereign Immunity so that governing bodies and their agents are held accountable to those they harm by irresponsible or corrupted decisions.

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